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All Your Mitt
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Assignment - Part I
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6/16/2k4 - Heroic Boston Globe




































He’s a star now!

Suave, wealthy Parisian television actor Bruno Jean-Baptiste Dumoulin was famed for his good looks and devil-may-care smile, appearing in several sensationally popular advertisements and the French soap-operas Deux Parisiens Dans L'amour and Amoureux Affectueux Dans L’amour. However, unsatisfied with his distinction and sex-symbol status, Dumoulin constantly reached higher and higher plateaus of acting acclaim. He also yearned to make the transition into the lucrative American film industry.
Whilst enjoying a glass of champagne in the Haute-Marne département of the Champagne province (appropriately enough), he chanced to see Drew “the Tough Noun” Parazinski and The Mad Hatter outside on the street, arguing over the correct translation of “undead horde.”
As most of you know, The Mad Hatter is extraordinarily popular in France, especially in the Champagne province after he successfully saved the entire year’s crop of grapes from a voodoo houngan named Papa Nitro. Eager to exploit the opportunity to hobnob with this top-hat clad hero, Dumoulin sprang to his feet and greeted the duo.
Swiftly noticing the vast resembling between Dumoulin and the recently-departed Ben “I’m Leaving For Africa” Parazinski, the Tough Noun discussed this find with his associate and the two made negotiations with Dumoulin to star in a series of instructional videos to be posted on Jimrage.Com and Youtube.Com (that wonderful video gallery of the swarming proletariat).
While Parazinski and Hatter were able to understand Dumoulin perfectly due to their extensive knowledge of Latin (and as we all know, French evolved from Latin like Spanish and Portuguese), Dumoulin’s inability to speak English posed a problem, forcing the team to dub Dumoulin’s lines using professional voice-actor Anthony “Screamer” Cuozo. Still, the end result was suitably keen and bodes well for this partnership between JREZHS and Dumoulin. Cheers to you, Bruno, or as the French say: nous espérons que les choses vraiment bonnes arrivent à vous et bourrons!