12/23/2k5 - Taste the Epic
11/3/2k10 - Judgment Day 10/31/10 - Crappy Halloween
10/29/10- Texas or Bust

10//25/10 -
New Doomiforms

7/4/10 -Appetite 4 Corruption
6/15/2k10 - Out of the Red
2K8 Year In Review
1/1/2k8 - Sorry
2K7 Year In Review
6/15/2k7 -
6/15/2k7 -
Mittster Nice Guy
7/10/2k7 -
6/28/2k7 -
All Your Mitt
6/18/2k7 -
6/15/2k7 - Business Report
4/14/2k7 - Back in the USSA
4/11/2k7 - Federico's
4/10/2k7 - Wild Wild Winfrey
3/14/2k7 - Meet Bruno
2/11/2k7 - Conspiracy

1/7/2k7 - Sacrebleu
2K6 Year In Review
ZA pt12 - To Hell With It
ZA pt11 - The Gameplan
ZA pt10 - Vacation
ZA pt.9 - 1,000,000,000 Served
ZA pt.8 - Really Bad Stuff
ZA pt.7 -Washington
ZA pt.6 - Call of the Mild
ZA pt.5 - Thanosaurus & the Infinity Gauntlet
ZA pt.4 - Mitter of Life & Death
ZA pt.3 - Threes' Company
ZA pt.2 - Bad Stuff
6/6/06 - Lawn Burnt
1/30/2k6– Rie Dyes
1/23/2k6 - Rye Looks for
1/7/2k6-Tales from the Inside pt.2
1/5/2K6 - Cooking up a

2K5 Year In Review
12/25/2k5 - Tales from the Inside
12/11/2k5 - Frank Gritt's Day Off
8/19/2k5 - Un"Baron"able
5/18/2k5 - Justin and the Amazing Techni-colored

5/4/2k5 - Where the deer and the antelop work
3/15/2k5: The Mexican Assignment - Part III
3/15/2k5 - The Mexican
Assignment - Part II
3/15/2k5 - The Mexican
Assignment - Part I
2K4 Year In Review
10/31/2k4 - Tyrannosaurus Mex
10/12/2k4 - Alas, Thompson
7/14/2k4 - DesperOttawo
6/16/2k4 - Heroic Boston Globe




































6/6/06 - Sleep Disturbed by Message...

This morning at approximately 6:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time, a bolt of green flame came flying out of nowhere and struck the ground outside JREZHS HQ in Blue Springs VT. The Mad Hatter_ who had recently returned to for the graduation of our Toad Licking Yes Men_ was catch some shut-eye. Suddenly he was awakened by the flame and appeared visibly grumpy, in spite of his delicious, delicious coffee.  The flame burned a message into the soil. The grisly message reads as follows:
         "Hear now, slayers of the living dead! This day of evil: The SIXTH day, of the SIXTH month, of the SIXTH year marks the arrival of your ultimate doom! For too long you have meddled in our affairs and now, at long last, the great mouth of the Necroverse will open wide. The undead legions of the beast shall scour across the Earth. The fortunate shall be dismembered; the others will join us as CREATURES OF LIVING DEATH. Your land shall be ours for conquest. The old kingdom has returned and is ruled with a skeletal claw. Tremble mortals, for THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN!!!"
          In other news, the annual company cookout and Toad Licking Yes Men graduation is still scheduled for June- 9th, at 5:00 PM. Join us for hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, orange soda, coleslaw, music, and fun games!