12/23/2k5 - Taste the Epic
11/3/2k10 - Judgment Day 10/31/10 - Crappy Halloween
10/29/10- Texas or Bust

10//25/10 -
New Doomiforms

7/4/10 -Appetite 4 Corruption
6/15/2k10 - Out of the Red
2K8 Year In Review
1/1/2k8 - Sorry
2K7 Year In Review
6/15/2k7 -
6/15/2k7 -
Mittster Nice Guy
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6/28/2k7 -
All Your Mitt
6/18/2k7 -
6/15/2k7 - Business Report
4/14/2k7 - Back in the USSA
4/11/2k7 - Federico's
4/10/2k7 - Wild Wild Winfrey
3/14/2k7 - Meet Bruno
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1/7/2k7 - Sacrebleu
2K6 Year In Review
ZA pt12 - To Hell With It
ZA pt11 - The Gameplan
ZA pt10 - Vacation
ZA pt.9 - 1,000,000,000 Served
ZA pt.8 - Really Bad Stuff
ZA pt.7 -Washington
ZA pt.6 - Call of the Mild
ZA pt.5 - Thanosaurus & the Infinity Gauntlet
ZA pt.4 - Mitter of Life & Death
ZA pt.3 - Threes' Company
ZA pt.2 - Bad Stuff
6/6/06 - Lawn Burnt
1/30/2k6– Rie Dyes
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1/7/2k6-Tales from the Inside pt.2
1/5/2K6 - Cooking up a

2K5 Year In Review
12/25/2k5 - Tales from the Inside
12/11/2k5 - Frank Gritt's Day Off
8/19/2k5 - Un"Baron"able
5/18/2k5 - Justin and the Amazing Techni-colored

5/4/2k5 - Where the deer and the antelop work
3/15/2k5: The Mexican Assignment - Part III
3/15/2k5 - The Mexican
Assignment - Part II
3/15/2k5 - The Mexican
Assignment - Part I
2K4 Year In Review
10/31/2k4 - Tyrannosaurus Mex
10/12/2k4 - Alas, Thompson
7/14/2k4 - DesperOttawo
6/16/2k4 - Heroic Boston Globe




































There have been times in the exalted history of Jim Rage’s Elite Zombie Hunting Squad that things have gotten tough. Never so tough, mind you, that we couldn’t take care of it. After all, we’re 100%, and all the fates have ever been able to muster against the brave, brave employees of JREZHS has at most been 82%. Nothing we couldn’t handle, but enough to significantly impact our capacity to update the website and add more awesome things. So, occasionally, time passes by and Jimrage.Com lies fallow, silently awaiting a startling news flash or the latest wise utterance from Baxter “Bhao Khandan” Black.
This past year has been a dramatic one, especially as much of it was related to our loyal readers in all-caps. Worlds lived, worlds died, and nothing will ever be the same. As the dust settled from the nigh-apocalyptic battle in which JREZHS saved your life as well as the lives of everybody you like from the Church of Living Death, it became clear that something important had been forgotten, something that had been eclipsed by the sheer magnitude of the bloody battle.
Well that something is that Federico’s Mexican food  restaurant is a great place to spend an evening out. You see, Federico’s goal is to provide you. YOU! with great Mexican food in generous portions, served as fast as your fat face can take it. They serve authentic Southern Californian, Americanized, Texmex cousine, which includes (but not limited to) burritos. You’ll also find great Mexican beverages like, Pepsi. ¡Aye Carumba! Also expect a clean dining experience where the floors are mopped every other day.
Whether you're an ungainly mob or just one sole, lonely person coming in at three in the morning they'll serve you real cheap food, that'll make you feel the way you derserve to feel.
So come on down to one of Federico's many locations. Open 24hrs a day 7 days a week!