12/23/2k10 - "Joneaux Thomas: Taste The Epic" in the news

10//27/2k10 - Judgment Day uploaded to the news.

10/30/2k10 - "Crappy Halloween" story posted in the news. An ad for "Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hats" added to homepage.

10/22/2k10 - Glossary entries for Bobboy "Rock" Savage, Cash Flagg, the old Manual, Johnny Wanderer, and something else I forgot about added. Glossary links intigrated into general letters. link to Old Manual now found in the glossary.

10/17/2k10 - Pictures added to Baxter Black says and Frank Gritt's Day Off. Tales from the Inside part 1 and 2 uploaded. Glossary updated. Text sizing problem fixed.

10/16/2k10 - Alright for realzies this time the site is centered. Glossary updates and implementation throughout the site. New advertisements put up.

10/10/2k10 - Old news stories added. Pictures added to all stories. Linking issues fixed.

10/3/2k10 = Manual updated to include causes within zombie descriptions

10/2/2k10 - Pepsi Spill story countinued, danger meter labled, Jim Rage bio up, site centered.

8/5/2k10 - New Uniforms featured in our latest news story

7/16/2k10 - More old news stories added

7/10/2k10 - 2007 news stories uploaded. Brainwashing entry added to manual.

7/4/2k10 - New news story. Wild West in: Appetite 4 Corruption

6/16/2k10 - We're back!

11/5/2k8 - Mitt Romney wins election, JREZHS disbanded

1/10/2k8 - We apologize in the news

12/5/2k7 - Site Out-sourced To India

10/23/2k7 - Movie Update In The

8/1/2k7 - More Mitt Romney News

7/19/2k7 - Review of Jim Rage on www.dr-pus.podomatic.com

7/12/2k7 - Letters Page Updated

7/10/2k7 - News: Ben Makoma

6/28/2k7 - ACT FAST a Jimrage.com after school special video

6/6/07 - New Video in Training "Subaru: A Driving Force"

5/28/2k7 - Mitt Romney in The News

5/21/2k7 - AV Club Updated

5/18/2k7 - Movie Taking Shape In The News

5/15/2k7 - Business Report in The News

4/25/2k7 - Cash Hollywood in the News.

3/28/2k7 Tonight we Rock. Tommorow we Roll. The day after that we Rock N' Roll! New Homepage and Sidebar Plus Steven V. In The News.

3/2/2k7 - Pamphlets under Rage Aide

2/27/2k7 - New songs

2/19/2k7 - Baxter Black in the news

2/13/2k7 - Baxter Black Say "The Tantalizing Dance" and a new bio for Baxter

2/12/2k7 - A whole bunch of new posters and flyers in Rage Aid

2/12/2k7 - Shocking Dessert Cake Cover-up

2/10/2k7 - News from Paris

1/31/2k7 - Grave bios and Jono's bio updated

1/30/2k7 - Training video section updated

1/29/2k7 - New training video (JONO)

1/25/2k7 - New training section

1/22/2k7 - New News about Bruno.

1/2/2k7 - New Baxter Black Says

1/1/2k7 - Happy New Year! Graveyard posted in Hunters section.

12/21/2k6 - Training Video and "To Hell With It!" video posted on homepage

11/21/2k6 - Part 4 of THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

11/7/2k6 - Ken Belmont is a creepy guy so we replaced his article with a link to puppies.com.

11/6/2k6 - New Baxter Black Says and Ken Belmont Article.

8/25/2k6 - New Merch page up.

7/29/2k6 - Thorn Hammerfall's new bio up.

7/28/2k6 - Eric "Deathwish" Chabot's new bio up.

7/20/2k6 - The Quest to Defeat the Church of Death continues. Read the news or die!

6/26/2k6 - Holly Hellyeah's bio up

6/20/2k6 - News: End of Days

6/6/2k6 - New: Green light from sky blah, blah, blah.

5/6/2k6 - New Inner Circle Page up

5/6/2k6 - Zombie March II news update

5/2/2k6 - Alice Thompson Page up

4/22/2k6 - New Movie "ZOMBIE SLAYER" plus two new songs!

3/31/2k6 - Just-In-Famous's Bio updated.

3/27/2k6 - Big New Story

3/26/2k6 - Updated Loyal Minions Page. New Brock and Wander pages

3/21/2k6 - New Danger Meter. New Recruits!

2/28/2k6 - New Movie Poster in Rage Aide.

2/18/2k6 - Two New Songs!

2/16/2k6 - See our Big Board

1/22/2k6 - New news story. It has animals.

12/11/2k5 - The trailer for "Bury Me Deep!" posted.

11/28/2k5 - An update from the man known as Ben.

11/16/2k5 - Mexican assignment part 3

11/15/2k5 - Hey our new contact info is actually up!

11/8/2k5 - Rye Dies, Drew Lives!

11/4/2k5 - New Letters to Jim Rage

11/3/2k5 - Death fills the air here at JREZHS

10/26/2k5 - Baxter Balck VS. The Daimen of Death!

10/18/2k5 - Ben "Bloodscorn" Peberdy escapes certain doom.

10/12/2k5 - New Manual up.

10/9/2k5 - Hell were updating everything!

9/29/2k5 - New sidebar, updated Rag Aid, Part 2 of The Mexican Assignment

9/17/2k5 - New News, no news

8/10/2k5 - The Terminal is online (New Links Page)

8/4/2k5 - Some really good tunes added.

8/3/2k5 - Just-In-Credible in the most scandalizing story since the last one.

7/30/2k5 - Baxter Black returns!

7/15/2k5 Zombie Awrness week and The Mexico Assignment Part 1

6/22/2k5 Construction site saved. Progress marches on.

4/27/2k5 - Canadian Zombie Defense Squad added to links and hompage.

4/4/2k5 - 800x600 desktop added. Just-In-Credible pictures added.

3/24/2k5 - Gitch your very own Jim Rage desktop under Rage Aid. The kids love it!

3/23/2k5 - Oodles of links added to our links page.

3/13/2k5 - The big story is why choose Jim Rage?

3/8/2k5 - Rye Crofter And Johnny Wanderer kill more zombies. More bands added. Hompage updated. New Myspace location

2/27/2k5 Band list added.

2/17/2k5 Pablo "The Flame" Vandross pictures added. Danger Meter updated.

2/16/2k5 The Baron strikes the news page. Baxter Black photos added.

2/7/2k5 Rage Aid added to side bar.

2/3/2k5 Biohazard shirt added. Startling news on the Thanosuarus. Baxter said something new.

2/2/2k5 Danger Meter added (NEW HUNTERS' PAGE)

1/30/2k5 pictures of Rye added, forferdmeg link added, radioactive shirt added to merchendise, headers for pages updated, Roll With Jim Rage calender put back up.

1/29/2k5 New game added to Jesse's Homade Fun

1/24/2k5 Links page Updated

12/30/2k4 Letter's to Jim Rage Updated

12/28/2k4 Links updated. Helpful map added. News: Alice Thompson dies.

12/26/2k4 Jim Rage's Page updated. Site history added.

12/25/2k4 Jim Rage's Elite Zombie Hunting Squad Soundtrack notice posted. Contact page banner added. Another game added to Jesse's Homade fun.