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Steven "Wild West, 2-W" Michael Danger Winfrey

Born in a lost era and loyal as hell, Wild West joined forces with JREZHS a few years ago.  He not only sent in the application to join but actually followed up on it.  At first, he was seen as some sort of interloper from Texas  some sort of "Johnny come lately" which upset the real Johnny Come Lately.  That worked out okay, as the two exchange Christmas cards each year so I guess you could say no harm was done.  Yes, those were trying times for the man that would become Wild West Winfrey.
He had been freelancing in the zombie hunting business for most of his life, inheriting it from his maternal Grandfather.  That's how these things work.  You either come by the skill or are born into it.  It wasn't until the ill-fated JREZHS company picnic that things turned around.  Along with most of the new recruits, he was thought dead in the aftermath.  But he lived.  The leopard print Speedo was damaged but the man lived.  And thrived.
His tireless efforts as Official Concierge to the organization have been a labor of love for Wild West.  The pay isn't great but the benefits are many.  The greatest benefit is the service to mankind.  "Saving the human race isn't a job I want but it's a job I'll take."   He always says that as he goes to battle with the undead, be they zombies, vampires, or mummies.  This phrase has inspired many and gotten them through the hell that is zombie hunting and rekilling.
His life was chronicled in a write-up on the JREZHS website.  Many cable networks and their local affiliates began the hunt for Wild West, wanting a piece of this man.  To date, none have been successful except for VH1.  The result of this was their second highest rated "Behind the Music".  Leif Garrett still hold that title but Wild West has sworn to take the crown like he has in so many jalapeno eating contests and chili cookoffs and cake decorating contests. 
There is much, much more to say about Wild West.  You'll probably hear it because he just loves to talk about himself.