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Let Me Down Easy

30 April 2021

Been plugging away at updating this website. I've been doing it entirely in text edit and boy does it take a long time! I released Let This Be Our Final Battle to the adoring masses. It's a zine all about He-Man characters breaking up with each other. People ate it up. The vending machine couldn't stay stocked. Thanks to the good folks over at Power Swords who printed them up in full color and made the whole thing possible. Also in vending machine news the first batch of mixtapes has been released. I got 100 random tapes and I've been contacting people around the Upper Valley to make a mix. Come on down and pick one up while supllies last!

25 December 2020

Wrote a Christmas song and played it live on Here In The Valley, which is a local show I've been working on with some creative and energetic folks. Streams monthly with surprise musical guests galore! Follow Jes & Jakob on Youtube to join in. My dad always told me to write a Christmas song, because if it's a hit you're set for life. I might be aiming for Easy Street, but would settle for Moderate Ave. I told Jonee Earthquake I'd write song for one of his Christmas comps sometime. Maybe I'll try recording this one without so many clams.

No Sleigh Bells

18 - 20 December 2020

Light River Junction was a three night event of experimental cinema projected onto building in downtown WRJ.
At the cold dark end of a cold dark year, this was just the thing to breath some life into our petrified bodies. Big shout out to Samantha Davidson Green over at WRIF as well as the creative team: Jodie Mack, Quinn Thomashow, Everest Crawford, & Mac Harp. Got to stretch my experimental filmmaking muscles, which were bound to atrophy if I didn't use them soon.


Jon Appleton, Ken Blaisdell, Liz Canner, Faith Catlin, Rich Fedorchak, Ben Finer, John Griessemer, Nora Jacobson, Iyabo Kwayana, Hannah Lansburgh, Amy Lawrence, Ben Silberfarb, Sophie Whittemore, the young filmmakers of the Tunbridge & Strafford One Planet After School Program + more...

Image: Mac Harp

14 July 2020

Hello beloved web-crawling data robots! I got a vending machine awhile back and I'm looking to put some weird stuff in it. I'm currently seeking submissions for a zine I call "Let This Be Our Final Battle!" The idea is to have a bunch of different people draw He-Man characters breaking up with each other (Masters of the Universe characters breaking up with each other for purists.) Undoubtably some of you out there deserve to be compensated for your talent, but this is... The vending machine maxes out a $1.00 and is in a weird side hallway, so yeah, we're not making any money. Only do this if it tickles your fancy!

-Deadline: August 31st 2020
-Dimensions are 17:9 (the vending machine slot is 4''x2.125'')
-One panel. This is just a snapshot from these characters breaking up. No build up, no resolution.
-No jokes, puns, or funny business. The joke is that it's ridiculous characters in a very real scenario. The sadder it is the funnier it is, which turns around and makes it sad again.

That's it. Use whatever characters you want. Draw them however you want. Have them say whatever heartbreaking thing you want. If you know anybody that might want to get involved feel free to forward this to them.

26 January 2020

Join us for a 1/26th Marathon in downtown White River Junction today at noon. Meet at the Tip Top building and prance around town, making people's commutes a little bit harder. It's not for a good cause so there's no moral obligation to do a good job, or complete the race, or even come to the event at all. Bad prizes will be unloaded onto first, second, and third place, probably.

Forget about whatever chore you were pretending you were going to accomplish today and come on down to White River Junction, where the streets are paved with closed street signs.