Although we hunt and exterminate zombies, we feel it is our goal to dofar more than that. We at Jim Rage’s Elite Zombie Hunting Squadron believe above all else at the individual’s ability overcome all odds through simple focus and commitment. It is a fundamental truth that men and women can do absolutely anything if they put their mind to the task at hand and put in all their effort. There is nothing that is impossible. We also strongly support service to one’s community. If everyone decided to help their neighbors with their problems, then not only would the world enjoy the benefits of unification and harmony, but everything would get done a lot quicker.
Essentially our mission at JREZHS is to connect with the youth of America and to encourage them to expand their minds and sprits and find to pleasure in helping others and living a healthy lifestyle of moderation and balance- like the ideals presented in Buddhist texts. We work closely with teenagers and support them in expressing themselves through art such as poetry, painting, drama, filmmaking, and photography. It is no big secret that our teenagers are the future of America and theworld. Thus, it is our moral and social obligation to ensure that they embrace philosophies of self-control and the rising and advancing of the spirit through art. They must be to taught to understand the great worth of supporting their community. It our belief that negligence to do so on the part of many parents has caused untold hundreds of teenagers to be consumed with feelings of loneliness, alienation, anger, depression, and apathy.
There is no need for them to be forced to deal with such psychological pain and suffering, especially when they often turn to dangerous drugs and inflicting pain upon others as a release. We can work together to ensure that their lives are pleasant ones, where they need not feel and guilt or fear in expressing their feelings and emotions to others. We can work together to ensure that they find happiness in helping others.We can help them to grow and become well-adjusted citizens. And by doing so, bring about a brighter and better future. Yes, we also kill zombies.